Industry Sherpa is an Authorized Reseller for the following vendors.  We stand by the gear we use at Industry Sherpa and we are always happy to provide a one on one purchasing experience to our customers.  Try before you buy, and we are always willing to help even when the vendor doesn't pick up the phone.

Flowcine Black Arm

Flowcine Black Arm


The makers of the original all black 3-axis steadicam vertical dampener called The Black Arm and the cutting edge anti-vibration mount called the Tranquilizer.  The Black Arm is a hard-mount camera stabilizer system made for a variety of camera gimbals that can easily mount on a multitude of devices such as dollys, cars, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles and more.  Flowcine in located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Freefly Systems MOVI XL

Freefly Systems MOVI XL


The original Oregon based manufacture of the Movi lightweight gimbal.  Freefly Systems has recently announced the new Movi XL and has entered a new realm of affordability in the large remote head market.  Never before has a large 55lbs+ stabilized remote head been so affordable.  Call us today for a demo.



London based manufacture of the light weight and incredibly nimble lens control system the MK3.1.  The RTMotion LCS gives you a solid, reliable, precision wireless control of both cinema and still camera lenses.  We love the MK3.1 for its compact and light weight design and long range wireless capabilities.  Nothing provides the power and scale of the RTMotion MK3.1. 



Colorado based manufacture made a name for itself with innovated field video recorders and the highly successful nanoFlash in 2009.  We love our Odyssey 7Q+ and with the new Gemini 4:4:4, CD is first to support full uncompressed HD & RAW recording/monitoring systems in our industry.  With their current Odyssey Pro series monitor/recorder line of products, Convergent Design continues to set the standard for performance, design, innovation, quality and reliability. 



We love the Tomahawk SDI System and the new Tomahawk 2 looks amazing.  I'm proud to say we noticed Paralinx's quality and superior support well before they became part of Vitec.  Event though they're a sister company to Teradek, we still prefer our Tomahawk's vs the Bolt and we're happy to share with you why when you give us a call.