Rent From Us

The following equipment is available to rent or hire from Industry Sherpa.  We always encourage our clients to try before they buy and what better way then to rent from us during your next project.

FreeFly MoVI XL for Rent


The MoVI XL has the power and torque to stabilize the heaviest lenses without compromise. Nothing matches the performance of the MoVI XL at the same rate. Wired or Wireless the MoVI XL is almost equal to some of the industries most prolific systems.


Camera Car Grip Kit

Grip out your car with my SUV Grip Kit to turn any SUV into a camera support vehicle. Combine the kit with a Flowcine Black Arm, a Stabilized Remote head or handheld Gimbal (NEWTON, Mini Libra, MPro, Ronin 2, etc...) and you have yourself a cost effective stabilized camera car.

Movi M15 + Controller

Movi Pro + Movi Controller

Movie Pro handheld 3-axis gimbal with the Movi Controller for remote gimbal operations.  The Pro can manage up to 15lbs of camera payload and is an ideal alternative to the stronger NEWTON remote head.


Flowcine Black Arm

The Black Arm Complete is a 3-Axis steadicam dampening system for stabilized roll, tilt & vertical motion with an additional anti-vibration mount to absorb high frequency fluctuations from road noise and engine hum for any gimbal or remote head.

RTMotion Mk3.1 Lens Control System

RTMotion Mk3.1 Lens Control System

Reliable, light weight, precision control of cinema and still camera lenses over long-range wireless or wired control.  One motor or three motor configurations with or without Force Zoom.  A great option for any 1st AC.


Paralinx Tomahawk 1:1 SDI System

Paralinx Tomahawk 1:1 SDI System

Paralinx Tomahawk 1:1 high definition transmitor and receiver SDI System.  Operates up to 2,000 feet.  Also available is an optional panel array for added signal stability.  Click below for more information.



The NEWTON is a low profile, lightweight, 3-axis stabilized remote head capable of withstanding some of the most harsh environments on the planet.  The DOMINION gimbal/camera control is included in the rental. See it go on AGT, World of Dance and more...

RED T2.9 17-50mm Zoom Lens

RED T2.9 17-50mm Zoom Lens

The RED Pro 17-50mm T2.9 PL Mount Lens includes Cooke-branded optics with intelligent metadata so that the the lens communicates flawlessly with RED camera displays.



Odyssey 7Q+

Odyssey 7Q+ Monitor & Recorder

The Odyssey 7Q+ is one of the most advanced and versatile monitor/recorders in the industry.  The Odyssey 7Q+ can record HD, 2K, UHD, and 4K and comes with 2 SSD cards.