Hire A Sherpa

Eric is always ready to help out your production.  Why just rent equipment when you can hire a skilled technician to ensure everything works right the first time.  Here's a small example of what Industry Sherpa can offer your next project.

Vehicle to Vehicle Stabilization

Hire a Sherpa with our White Toyota Sequoia with reconfigurable rails to mount a Black Arm and stabilized remote head to fit your budget or let us mount the Black Arm to any variety of vehicles from boats to motorcycles, land or sea and we can stabilize the images for you during production without breaking the budget.    


Rent our RED CF Dragon 6K with accessories with a Sherpa and don't be surprised if you see a full set of RTMotion FIZ and Paralinx Tomahawks too.  As skilled stabilized head technicians, a Sherpa will assist your 1st AC and Key Grip on stabilizing camera payloads and help the camera crew with an extra pair of hands.

NEWTON on stage at the 2017 VMA's

NEWTON Technician

Fully trained in control theory and a thorough understanding of gimbal technology, a skilled NEWTON Technician ensures the best possible performance of your stabilized head.  From a simple robo head setup to an aggressive 3D wire system, a NEWTON Technician will get the job done right.  NEWTON rental is separate.          

Movi Technician

Gimbal Technician

Sometimes you just need a simple handheld gimbal and there is nothing better than a Gravity, Ronin 2 or Movi Pro to get your handheld gimbal on.  A Sherpa can act as your camera operator or just support your camera crew to ensure everything is tuned properly and balanced to perfection.  Gimbal Rental is separate.

Drone Tech Literally in the Field


A Netflix Approved Service Provider, skilled in control theory and drone technology.  We are well versed in Zenmuse, Ronin, Movi's, Gravity and AERIGON Gimbals. We are IATSE Local 600 camera operators and remote head technicians.  We work with several different drone pilots that are all 333 Exempt & Part 107 certified.

2D Wire Systems

2D Wire Solutions

Sometimes the location will simply not allow you to fly a drone or the client just needs a repeatable movement with an affordable solution that will not break the budget.  Industry Sherpa can help you setup an affordable 2D Wire system quickly and safely.  Remote Head rental is separate. 

 2006 Toyota Sequoia Camera Truck.  Fits your DP, Director, 1st AC, Technician & Driver with both Front and Rear Mounts.

2006 Toyota Sequoia Camera Truck.  Fits your DP, Director, 1st AC, Technician & Driver with both Front and Rear Mounts.